Rating System

The following abbreviations explains my rating system, as well as the source of the origin of each video. Please note that these ratings are subject to the individual characteristics of the Video monitoring and playback equipment used.

TV5 Very clean, mint copy or master direct from TV. (A)
TV5/4 Clean, slight noise or generation loss. (A-)
TV3/4 Good, very watchable, higher generation loss. (B+)
TV3 Lower grade, watchable, mostly for die-hard collectors. (B-)
PRV Great audience video Close, tripod etc. 1st or 2nd Generation. (A)
PRV4/5 Lower quality, see commentary
PRV4 Slightly degraded due to older equipment or tape generation. (B+/A-)
PRV3/4 Picture and audio quality degraded from generation loss.(B)
PRV3 Lower grade, watchable, mostly for die-hard collectors. (B-)
PRO Professionally filmed, multi-camera Pro-Shot. Various ratings

The following are some of the most common abbreviations for sources on the hot video list:

D.K.R.C Don Kirshner's Rock Concert
O.G.W.T Old Grey Whistle (European TV Show)
MM MuchMusic (Canadian TV Music Channel)
MP Musique Plus (Canadian French, TV Music Channel)
Bang Up Rock Japanese Music Channel
SNL Saturday Night Live